The St James Episcopal School curriculum will motivate students to think, explore, examine and create, developing a foundation of academic skills, spiritual awareness and self-esteem.

Infants Curriculum:

The Infant class at St. James provides a safe and nurturing environment for the development of each child. Our Infant class is lead by responsive caregivers who engage in each child’s physical and emotional needs. St. James provides low teacher to infant rations which allows responsive caregivers to ensure and develop secure attachment relationships with each child.   Infants Curriculum Guide 

Tiny Tots Curriculum:

Our Tiny Tots are active learners! At St. James Episcopal School, we strive to establish a positive learning environment through routine, hands on learning and with responsive caregiving. Each month our Tiny Tots have a thematic unit that is introduced and reinforced throughout their activities and play. All classroom activities help develop each child’s language arts, physical/motor skills and emotional stages.   Tiny Tots Curriculum Guide

Beginners Curriculum:

The Beginners Class at St. James is for two year olds and provided a fun, hands on learning environment. The Beginners class ensures a structured schedule with many opportunities for individual exploration. Each month the Beginners class has a thematic unit that is introduced and then reinforced throughout the year. During time in our Beginners class there is emphasis on language development, social skills, life skills and emotional development.   Beginners Curriculum Guide

Intermediate curriculum

The Intermediate Class at St. James is for our three year olds. It is at this stage of childhood that we strive to promote a love for learning and an environment that encourages independent and group exploration. Our Intermediate class uses “Writing without Tears” curriculum to begin to develop small motor skills that are necessary in a more formal learning setting. Each month our Intermediates have a thematic unit in which they explore and learn. The units are built upon each other and are reinforced throughout the year.  Intermediate Curriculum Guide

Pre-K Curriculum:

Pre-K is an exciting time for our children at St. James! Our Pre-K class offers a more formal class setting with lots of fun interactive learning. The children in our Pre-K class encounter an environment that includes situations and  responsibilities that will prepare them for the next level of learning on their educational path. The Pre-K curriculum at St. James includes: Language Arts-Expressive and Responsive, Reading Readiness; Motor Skills- Writing; Math; Science; Health & Safety; Social Skills; Art; Physical Skills-Gross and Fine Motor; Spanish and Religion.   Pre-K Curriculum Guide




For the Development of the Whole Child

Students at St. James Episcopal School are instructed in life skills and problem solving techniques to help build poise and confidence. An emphasis on Fine Arts education and body movement awakens children’s imagination, excites their senses, and promotes physical awareness and self control. St. James Episcopal Schools offers many Fine Arts education as part of the enriched curriculum.

Specials: Music PE/Movement Art Spanish Theater (guest theater) Chapel/Raise the Roof